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"The Last Witness - A Story of Friendship and Trust"

"The Last Witness" is a unique view into the lives of Judge Thornton Lemmon Massie and his friend and confidant, Howard Cecil Gilmer of Pulaski and the tragic events of March 14th, 1912 that changed the lives of those involved forever.

For over hundred years, the story of Hillsville, Virginia Courthouse Tragedy has become legend in the oral history and mountain lore of Virginia. Books, pamphlets, newspaper articles, plays, academic studies, and historical research publications have reviewed and analyzed the event. However...

Your evening with us will be unique. You will learn about Judge Massie and his life. You will gain insights about the tragedy through the Judge's own words and from those who were there that fateful day. You will read trial testimony and see photographic evidence. You will be exposed to actual documents, introduced at trials, which have remained sheltered and unseen since the days of the event. You will learn about the years after the event and the ironies that tragedy often leaves in its wake.  

Join us at the Draper Mercantile as Howard Sadler, who has a special connection to this historical event, presents this unique perspective. Dinner will start at 5PM and will be a $15 historically inspired buffet. The presentation will start at 6:30PM and is free admission (NO charge if NO dinner). RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Please call (540) 994 -5659 to make reservations.