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  • Baker

Please no calls - scan and send application to Kate@drapermerc.com or drop off application


Summary of Position:  

Full-time position baking a variety of items including cakes, pies, breads, pastries and flatbreads. 

Qualifications and Skills:

♣    A minimum of 1 year of experience in baking
♣    Basic understanding of cooking measurements and how to adapt recipes for varying serving sizes
♣    Decorating skills not mandatory but greatly desired
♣    Capable of handling production of different types of baking products at the same time

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Measure and mix ingredients to make breads, rolls, pies, pizzas and cakes
• Weigh materials in order to ensure appropriate quantity
• Cut dough into equal parts to ensure that each batch has a uniform appearance
• Mould dough into appropriate shapes
• Place dough into appropriate pans
• Place pans in ovens and set oven temperature
• Ensure that oven temperature is in accordance to the type of product being baked
• Adjust thermostats in order to ensure that appropriate heat is being transmitted
• Remove baked goods from the oven and place on cooling racks
• Spread sprinkles and other decoration on baked goods
• Prepare icings according to recipes and decorate baked goods appropriately
• Ensure that correct quantities of batches is being made
• Ensure appropriate storage of baking utensils and supplies
• Make sure that baking equipment is cleaned and maintained properly
• Ensure compliance with food safety standards
• Oversee cleanliness and sanitation of work area and equipment
• Manage inventory of supplies and order supplies before they run out
• Clean display cases and replace near expiry baked products with fresh baked goods
• Package baked good appropriately and place pricing stickers